Q. I want to know if my property is registered?
A. Yes – when we find the plot number stated by the applicant, it is in our records. No – when we cannot find the plot in our records.

Q. I want a consent i.e. a consent to transfer, consent to charge or a consent to sub-lease?
A. You submit your application through lawyers of your choice, who will submit to our office on your behalf and pay the consent fee of K1,000.00

Q. I want to lease a land?
A. If the land is under MG, you submit applications through regional land office, who prepare legal lease documents for registration at the Land Registry, after all legal requirements have been complied with. If the land belongs to other stakeholders, application of their format are processed by them and at the Land Registry they submit legal documents for registration. Therefore a lease is granted by the landlord, MG, City Assembly, MHC etc.

Q. I want a Land Certificate or Certificate of Lease?
A. The Applicant is asked for the plot number and if the property was registered and a certificate not issued, we ask the applicant to pay K500.00, being the certificate fee, and the certificate is issue. But if the certificate issued already is lost the applicant is advised to advertise then, after 21 days, a new certificate is issued.

Q. I want to take a loan from a bank, what should I do?
A. Apply for a consent through the bank and the landlord will issue you with a consent approved or rejected.
Q. I want to know the value of my property?
A. It is advised to contact the Valuation Office or any professional valuer.

Q. I want to sub-divide my plot (of land)?
A. We refer the client to the Physical Planning Department for proposal writing and verification.

Q. What is an Official Search?
A. It is a document which reflects what is on the register e.g. names of proprietors, area where the property is, size and some incumbrances e.g. charges.

Q. Why do clients conduct searches in the Land Registry?
A. i/ to know the owner of the property, ii/ to know if there are charges, cautions and prohibitions on the property, iii/ for the banks to give loans to their clients; they see to it that the properties of their clients are free from incumbrances.

Q. What does Land Registry do?
A. i/ conducts Official Searches, ii/ registers documents e.g. Charges, Further Charges, Cautions, Court Orders, Probates, Power of Attorney, Transfer of Lands, Transfer of Leases and Letters of Administration, iii/ issues Land Certificates and Certificates of Leases, iv/ registers Titles.
Frequently asked questions concerning Physical planning services in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Q : What is Physical planning all about?
A : Physical Planning is about ensuring orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and aesthetic well-being of urban and rural communities. Simply put, it seeks to order and regulate use of land in an efficient and effective way.

Q : Who is a Physical Planner?
A : A professional officer who formulates and implements land use plans with purpose of ensuring orderly and coordinated physical, social and economic development.

Q : How can I get an approval for permission to develop?
A : Approval of permission to develop is granted by the responsible planning authorities who are the Minister responsible for physical planning matters, through the Commissioner of Physical Planning and Planning Committees. Plans attached to application forms can be submitted to the Department’s offices or through its Physical Planning Offices in District Councils within planning areas.

Q : Where can I obtain application forms for permission to carry out development?
A : These forms can be obtained from Physical Planning Department Offices at the following places;
ü  Headquarters in Lilongwe,
ü  Mzuzu in the Northern Region,
ü  Central Region offices in Lilongwe,
ü  Blantyre in the Southern Region,
ü  Zomba in the Eastern Region and
ü  All City and Municipal Council offices.
Q :  Why should I seek planning approval before commencing my development?
A :  This should be done in order to ensure that your development is carried out in a proper manner you need. Conflicting issues concerning your proposed development are looked into and resolved at the onset by professional officers at technical level and the main town planning committee.

Q : Who can I contact if I want to know more about Physical Planning?
A : Find below some important authorities and addresses to contact should you wish to know more on issues relating to Physical Planning;
ü  Secretary for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, P/Bag 311, Lilongwe 3.
ü  Commissioner for Physical Planning, P.O Box 30385, Lilongwe 3.
ü  Regional Commissioner for Physical Planning-North, Box 106, Mzuzu.
ü  Regional Commissioner for Physical Planning-Centre, Box 865, Lilongwe.
ü  Regional Commissioner for Physical Planning-South, Box 324, Blantyre.
ü  Regional Commissioner for Physical Planning-East, Box 348, Zomba.

You may also contact offices of Planning and Development Director in your respective District, City and Municipal Councils.