The Registration Process

Here you will find documents and manuals that describe the registration process for the Lands and Deeds Registers. more...

Current Projects

The MoL are currently involved in a number of projects with overseas development organisations. In this section you can find out more about these projects. more...


In this section you will find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions that are asked by customers about topics including the registration process, dealing with the Ministry and general land and property issues. more...

Welcome to the Malawi Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development

The Ministry is composed of six technical departments namely: Lands & Valuation, Physical Planning, Surveys, Housing, Urban Development and Buildings. These technical departments are grouped into three subsectors: Land, housing, and urban development.

The mandate of the Ministry is to provide land and housing management services to the general public and all interested stakeholders/parties seeking these services.

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development draws its mandate from various statutes and policy instruments such as the Land Act, Town and Country Planning Act and the Land Survey Act.

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