The Ministry has existed in various forms over the past years. However, it started to exist closest to its current form in July 2004. The new setup brought together formerly two separate ministries namely; Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning and Surveys, on one hand, and the Ministry of Housing on the other. 
In 2006, the Ministry changed again, delinking with the Housing Department while joining with Environmental Affairs Department and Meteorological Services Department. This resulted in creation of a new ministry called Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. This Ministry was later expanded early in 2009 to include the Department of Forestry and it existed in that form until the creation of Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban 
Development in July 2009 and then Ministry of Lands and Housing in May 2012 and later reverted to Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
Organisational values, if properly embraced, foster positive behaviour needed to achieve organisation’s strategic direction. As such, the Ministry shall be guided by the following core values:

Recognition of team and individual achievements
Team and individual achievement if timely and properly recognized gives an impetus for further hard work. The Ministry shall therefore feverishly endeavor to recognize achievements by all its members.

Teamwork and Collaboration
The Ministry shall promulgate the culture of team work and collaboration among its members to ensure synergy in the work environment.

Professionalism and adherence to ethical standard
The Ministry shall ensure that all activities are conducted professionally with integrity, responsibility and diligence.

Staff Motivation
A motivated workforce is the backbone to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives and as such, the Ministry shall always endeavour to motivate the staff.

High productivity
High productivity shall be ensured in the implementation of the Ministry’s strategies and activities.

Transparency and Accountability
All necessary information regarding the goods and services and how to obtain them shall be made available to all, and the Ministry shall perform all what is within the dictates of its mandate, while at the same time taking responsibility.

Client-Focused Services
The Ministry shall ensure that the services being provided satisfy the needs of its clients

Equal opportunity to all
All people, without regard to any form of characteristics, will have equal opportunities in accessing the goods and services provided by the Ministry. 
  • Gender empowerment
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Community participation
MOLHUD has come up with six (6) strategic objectives to be achieved in a period of five years from 2019 to 2024 as follows:
  • Improved access to land and tenure security for sustainable economic development;
  • Improved provision of geospatial information;
  • Improved land use planning and management for orderly and coordinated physical development;
  • Increased access and availability of housing services;
  • Inclusive, competitive, sustainable, resilient cities and other human settlements;
  • Strengthened Institutional Capacity for efficient and effective implementation of the Ministry’s programmes.