The Government of the Republic of Malawi has an interest in reducing shortage of accommodation for its staff working with the Malawi Defense Force, Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prison Service and the Department of Immigration.
Currently, renting houses is difficult because there is accumulation or rental arrears which makes it difficult to rent new houses. Moreover, the current approach of renting houses does not consider the location of institution office where a government employee serves even though some jobs require the employee to be close to the office.

As such, the Government would like to build 10,000 housing units comprising of three and four bedroomed housing units across the three regions of the country where these institutions are located.
The implementation of this project is in three phases as follows:
Phase One : 1,028 Housing Units
Phase Two  : 4,300 Housing Units
Phase Three: 4,672 Housing Units

The overall average progress of the project is at 3%
Phase 1 to construct 1028 houses;
  • First part of Phase 1, construction of 231 houses is at 74% on average, with 15 houses for MPS at Malamya in Mangochi completed and commissioned
  • Second part of Phase 1, construction of 797 houses, is at 17% on average, with 770 houses under construction and 27 houses yet to commence
Phase 2 to construct 4,300 houses
  • Land identification and site verifications conducted
  • Currently carrying out topographic surveys to come up with site plans for the production of BOQs.
Phase 3 to construct 4,672 houses
  • Receiving housing allocations from MPS, MDF, Prison and Immigration