Composition of Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
The Ministry is composed of five technical departments namely:
  • Lands & Valuation
  • Physical Planning
  • Surveys
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Buildings
These technical departments are grouped into three subsectors:
  • Lands
  • Housing
  • Urban Development
Besides the five technical departments there is  Administration and Support Services Department which provides management and direction for the Ministry by coordinating the following support services; Policy and Planning, Financial Control, Internal Auditing, Human Resource Management, ICT support, and Stores and Procurement.

Mission Statement

To create an enabling environment for efficient, effective and sustainable provision of land and housing management services to the general public in order to promote and encourage sustainable economic growth and development.


Equitable access and secure tenure to land and housing for all


To provide land, housing and urban development services to the general public, stakeholders and other parties seeking these services to ensure that the physical developments take place in an orderly and sustainable manner.